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          1. 生命重于泰山

          Saving lives is of paramount importance.

          2. 疫情就是命令,防控就是責任

          Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.

          3. 向疫情宣戰

          declare an all-out war on the epidemic

          4. 沒有硝煙的戰爭

          a war without smoke

          5. 堅決打贏疫情防控的人民戰爭、總體戰、阻擊戰

          be determined to fight and win the battle against the epidemic by mobilizing all resources, and blocking the spread of the virus

          6. 舉國機制

          nationwide mechanism

          7. 堅持一盤棋

          ensure a coordinated national response

          8. 抗擊疫情第

          the front line of the battle against the epidemic

          9. 武漢勝則湖北勝,湖北勝則勝

          If Wuhan wins, Hubei wins. If Hubei wins, the whole country wins.

          10. 英雄的城市

          heroic city

          11. 打好武漢保衛戰

          win the battle against the coronavirus and protect the city of Wuhan

          12. 馳援武漢

          race against the clock to assist Wuhan

          13. 科學防治、依法防治、防治、深入落實

          implementation of science-based, legal, and targeted measures in the prevention and control of the epidemic

          14. 突出重點、統籌兼顧、分類指導、分區施策

          focus on key issues, strengthen coordination, give sector-specific guidance, and apply different policies for different areas

          15. 公共衛生應急管理體系

          the national public health emergency management system

          16. 統籌疫情防控與經濟社會秩序恢復

          implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in tandem with those aimed at getting the economy and society back to normal

          17. 公開、透明、負責任態度

          an open, transparent and responsible manner

          18. 疫情防控重點醫療物資保障調度平臺

          the national distribution center /platform for major anti-epidemic medical supplies

          19. 保障醫療防護物資供應

          ensure the supply of medical protective equipment

          20. 對口支援

          pairing assistance (a national strategy in China for one province or a major city to provide assistance to a designated region in need of help)

          21. 增強收治能力

          raise the hospital admission capacity

          22. 密切跟蹤、及時分析、迅速行動

          closely monitor, timely analyze, and swiftly respond to the epidemic

          23. 增強救治水平

          improve the quality of medical treatment

          24. 集中患者、集中、集中資源、集中救治

          treating the infected in dedicated facilities by senior medical professionals from all over the country and with all necessary resources

          25. “一人一方案”“一人一團隊”

          a dedicated team and a personalized treatment plan for each patient

          26. 優先通行、免費通行

          priority and toll-free access

          27. 減免養老、失業以及工傷這三項社會保險單位的繳費

          reduction in or an exemption from required premiums to be paid by employers for their employees’ old-age, unemployment and work-related injury insurances

          28. 防止信息恐慌

          prevent panic and manage information properly

          29. 杜絕瞞報漏報

          say NO to concealing or underreporting infections

          30. 打擊假冒偽劣

          crack down on fake and shoddy products


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